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I'm a full-stack product designer who is passionate about uncovering where value can be created or enhanced within people’s daily lives and designing for it with a human-centered, data-driven approach.

What I do today...

As a master's student at Carnegie Mellon, I collaborate with engineers, designers, and business students to actualize impactful products and services for end users.  

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A digital service supporting caregivers of terminally ill loved ones and empowering them throughout their caregiving and bereavement journey.

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An AI-enhanced chatbot that acts as a curated and comprehensive genomic knowledge base within Foundation Medicine

Ivy Mail (Capstone)

A product service solution that connects you to your favorite people in a whole new way. Designed for our client, Canon, with the goal of generating meaningful revenue in the next 1-2 years


First Aid User Research

Exploratory research on the experience people have with learning first aid and treating their injuries, culminating into product opportunity gaps.

My background lies in...

Designing for the employee experience. Having originally been trained in interior design and design strategy, I worked 4 years within real estate and management consulting, where I used mixed method research to create digital, physical, and service design solutions.


Reimagine the Workplace

Creating and piloting future of work concepts for a Software Company during COVID-19 


Kremm Coffee Kiosk

Pop-up kiosks anchored in celebrating warmth, lightheartedness, and communion

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