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KREMM Coffee & Gelato Kiosk

Pop-up kiosks anchored in celebrating warmth,
lightheartedness, and communion

Urban Placemaking | Architecture 

Spring, 2018


The Big Tiny Coffee House Challenge asked participants to design a coffee shop kiosk that could be replicated in capital cities across Northern Europe.

Our design emulated coziness and encouraged customers to take a pause in their days. The kiosks became neighborhood landmarks where locals could share an empathetic moment with their peers.

Research Methods
  • Secondary Research

  • Concept Mapping

My Role 

  • Secondary Research 

  • Concept Development 

  • Primary graphic designer

In collaboration with

Amira Samiy

Our Process 


1 | Dove into Secondary Research

Looked into local context and past examples

Key Design Elements


Sensing, feeling & experiencing

Embracing the sensation of coziness that coffee exudes no matter the season, KREMM kiosks will encourage year-round use in Northern European cities.


A dash of timelessness & a splash of nostalgia

Throughout Europe, kiosks have historically acted as local landmarks with their iconic hexagonal design. Our design will draw upon nostalgia for those models, yet bring them into the present and future of coffee culture in Northern Europe with their easy-to-construct design and reinterpreted form.


Fit for any lifestyle

The kiosks will support both relaxed and on-the-go lifestyles by creating spaces that allow people to get
away from their daily routines for a moment’s pause and simultaneously participate in an experience shared
with others at other kiosks across Northern Europe.

Construction & Materials

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