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Pop-up Installation

Featured  in Architectural Digest

Experience | Urban Placemaking | Summer 2017

In collaboration with Emily Brenner, Julia Bruxel, Tyler Kruppa, Nadia Hosni. and Megan Armlin 

Gensler collaborated with Groundswell, a local non profit organization focused on using art as a tool for social change, to celebrate the organization’s 500th mural

Gensler’s internship program includes Summer Studio, a design studio in which the internship class works together on a summer long pro bono project. The internship class was broken into four groups of six, with each group designing a different pop up installation to commemorate the opening of  Groundswell’s 500th mural. 

Our group's mission was to create an installation that functioned as a garden, promoting a variety of emotional and physical experiences that would bring people together and foster different relationships. We had three elements we wanted to create: a literal and figurative landscape, a cohesive experience between installations, and opportunities for visitors to be able to leave something physical behind and take something emotional away. 

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