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An AI-enhanced chatbot that acts as a curated and comprehensive genomic knowledge base within FMI

Product Development

Summer 2023, 8 Week Project

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Pulling non-sensitive information from documents provided by the Client Services (CS) Department, our team developed and tested a beta version of F1 Bot within the CS Inbound Team and generated a product roadmap for future implementation within the broader department.

This project is under NDA. Please contact me to discuss solution details and key outcomes.

Research Methods

  • Survey 

  • In-depth Interviews

  • Digital Ethnography

  • User Testing 

My Role

  • Sole UX Designer & Researcher

  • Led discovery and evaluative research efforts

  • Generated UI mockups

  • Crafted presentations to ensure stakeholder alignment

In collaboration with 9 technology interns at Foundation Medicine

Our Process

Researched & Hypothesized  

  • Interviewed 7 team leaders and supervisors within the CS Dept.

  • Analyzed 30 survey responses within client services.

  • Scanned Client Service Inbound slack channel.

  • Reviewed Client Service toolkit to understand existing resources.

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