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Ivy Mail

A product service solution that connects you to your favorite people in a whole new way

Product Development (Capstone Project)

Spring 2023, 14 Week Project

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Canon Inc. tasked the team with identifying and creating a new IVY brand product or service solution aimed at the Gen Z demographic with the goal of generating meaningful revenue in the next 1-2 years.

Our team developed IVY Mail, an at home mailbox printer that Gen Z's friends, family, or themselves can send personalized pictures or postcards to from anywhere in the world to share an instant physical gift.

This project is under NDA. Please contact me to discuss solution details and key outcomes.

Research Methods

  • Domain Survey (n=95) 

  • Concept Mapping

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Contextual Inquiry  (n=30)

  • 5 CoDesign Sessions 

  • 6 Usability Testing  

My Role

  • Led UX research efforts from exploration to implementation

  • Co-project manager 

  • Team collaboration on concept generation & design prototype

  • Equally built out decks, videos, and reports

In collaboration with 6 teammates

Core Objectives

Core Innovation

The innovation is in the form of developments to existing products or services that Canon currently offers, improving what is currently offered.

No Cannibalization

The new product should not compete with Canon’s existing product line or potentially take up their market share.

Financial Viability

Since the product is marketed towards Gen Z, it must provide something they value and is priced within their affordance range.

Go-To-Market Timeline

Incorporate technology that is feasible to be developed and launched within the next 1 - 2 years.

Our Process

The team followed a double diamond approach  


A Bold Elevation of the
At-home Photo Printer

A Seamless
Mailing Experience

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